Saturday, October 06, 2012

Small Steps for a better Earth

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Every time my fiance pulled out her compact folding cloth bag while checking out at the grocery store, I looked at it in wonder.

One particular day, my curiosity was especially piqued when she stuffed more than 5kgs worth of stuff in the bag without batting an eyelid. I was afraid it would tear, but it held and is still going strong having earned itself a new fan.

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Not giving it too much thought previously, it struck us suddenly a few days ago what an ecological treasure the bag is. Having followed the link online from the text printed on the bag cover, much more was revealed about its history and purpose.

My fiance had picked it up while on her trip to Auroville where it originated. A brainchild of the Upasana Design studio , the bag aims to champion the cause of a plastic free environment.

A group of local women use microfinance, get raw material & arrange machinery to sew the bag which is then marketed and sold through the foundation. The bag also works as a tool to educate families and whole world about the need of environmental conservation.

It is available in multiple colors along with a backpack variant.

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Do visit the website to see how you could get one for yourself and spread the news for sake of a better future.

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Wednesday, October 03, 2012


Looking down on a city drenched in rain. The clouds move with the wind. Nestled in between mountains that rise from the ground like sentinels guarding borders. The vision is endless as far as the eye can see.

We move around in metal contortions. Cars, Buses, Motorcycles zipping along the roads. What's striking is the ego. We all are kings of our kingdom. The whole universe exists solely for our purpose. Every thought and action is to fulfill what we want, how we want. We are our most important people. Our wishes and desires are for us.

But, in the larger scheme of things we are just one in a billion such Kings. In the world, our presence is insignificant. In the Universe, our Earth is insignificant.

Sometimes, lets look from top of the universe. Zoom in to our galaxy, our planet, our country, our city, and then yourself. We are Puny. But, we act mighty.

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