Monday, November 26, 2007

Microsoft - Everybody's favourite whipping boy

Microsoft has more than its share of detractors and sometimes they find very creative outlets to direct their criticism at the behemoth.

One example is this design scenario if Microsoft had designed Gmail. Though I don't agree with some points and while a few others have been exaggerated, nevertheless the post is funny and definitely worth a look.

What if Gmail had been designed by Microsoft?

Another excellent example is the design scenario if Microsoft had designed the Ipod packaging. This one is a sure fire blast and make sure you don't miss this one.

MS Ipod Parody

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Chak De - Impressions on Shah Rukh Khan

As I was watching Chak De in a Volvo Bus while on my way back from Mumbai to Pune, I suddenly realized how well Shah Rukh Khan acted in the movie. For the second time (after Swades) he did not let the SRK persona overcome the protagonist he was playing. It led me to believe that this man is so smart he knows that his mass market appeal lies in being SRK in all his movies however once in a while he essays a character role to silence his detractors who think he cannot act. One can't help but be in awe of him.

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Sunday, November 25, 2007

Beowulf - Literally sexy animation

So the word sexy has been done to death, used for the mundanest of things and when something really S-E-X-Y comes up you find that the word sexy is just not enough to describe it. It is Fucking Sexy. Is that taken? It schmoozes and oozes. Violence, debauchery and gore all galore!

How would you describe Angelina Jolie emerging naked out of a pool. Completely naked. Head to toe naked. You got it right?. Angelina Jolie Naked.

As with me this CGI adaptation of Homer's classic is going to draw the numbers on the sheer strength of that scene alone. However the movie also has a lot else going for it. For one, it is called the "The Lord of the Rings" of the animated world. (I know, too many the's). For a major part of the movie I forgot I was seeing something animated. The scale of the movie is huge and Beowulf's fight with Grendal and in the fag end with his dragon son is breathtaking. The animation is as life like as they can make it and after Final Fantasy VII Advent Children, this is truly the next evolution of hyper-detailed CGI. Not much to say on the acting front as I would take a real Anthony Hopkins over an animated one anyday.

Director Robert Zemeckis spins a yarn and from what I have heard it is one with a twist. A deviation from the original story but a story well told nevertheless. Beowulf must survive the fight with the monster Grendal but even if he does so can he escape the wrath of Grendal's devil mother and can he unearth the murky past of Grendal's origin? Can he prevent incuring a curse that he just help lift? You will find all these answers in the movie but if Zemeckis really had to take liberties with the storyline he could atleast have blessed us with a fight scene between a naked Angelina Jolie and anyone. Anyone. Will someone fight the damn woman please? Will you?

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Yaana Raaskala...Miind it!

The new buzzword you Naari Pussi!

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Saturday, November 24, 2007

Meet Joe Black - Impressions

I had an opportunity to catch this flick on the tube recently. I ran into it 20 minutes into the movie, in the scene where Brad Pitt is getting his first taste of Peanut Butter. His expressions and mannerisms told me that it is going to be one hell of a watch.

The story in very simple words is about Death who comes to take away a big media mogul Anthony Hopkins whose time is up. However impressed by Hopkins's view on life, Death makes him an offer that he will let him live as long as he can keep Death interested in living life on this plane. Death takes over the body of Brad Pitt, a name of Joe Black and proceeds to live along with Hopkins and his family while experiencing what life is about.

Brad Pitt has really acted well, especially in the first half as he is learning about human senses , while his polite response to every mundane query is hilarious without coming across as sarcastic. Hopkins as usual is fantastic and is ably supported by Claire Forlani playing his daughter and Joe Black's love interest Susan. The frames might seem to drag at times as the camera lingers on every twitch of the muscle of every character. However, it is this laid back pace while slowly engulfs you in the turmoils that Pitt's character undergoes as he discovers the wonders of life and love.

The movie also helped me rediscover the haunting music of "What a wonderful world" by "Louis Armstrong". I first heard it in the movie "Good Morning Vietnam" when Robbie Williams plays it on the station radio. A beautiful beautiful song with a melody that can soften the hardest of souls. It makes my tear ducts go into overdrive. A song sung by a brave man during the times when black people were beaten up on the streets for no rhyme or reason. A must watch and listen for every human being.
(Check out his expressions)
(Good Morning Vietnam OST)

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Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Electroluminescent T-shirt

How to be a hit at your local party circuit:

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Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Pune Central @ University Road

University Road has a new shopping destination in the form of "Central" which opened its second Pune store last week. It's the second honest shopping mall this side of the town after the first Shopper's Stop at Wakdewadi and snarling traffic jams at the Model Colony signal are already an indication of the time to come. What I am impressed with is that besides the usual domestic suspects Central also offers a very decent apparel collection from FCUK (French Connection), CK (Calvin Klein), Tommy Hilfiger, Bossini and a few other international brands.

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