Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Left Right Left

Look at the image and try to determine if the girl is rotating Clockwise or Anti-Clockwise.

If you see it change directions mid way and suspect that its an animated gif or some computer wizardry then gather a sample of three or four people around you and ask them to determine the direction of rotation. Don't be surprised if you find them arguing and exclaiming about each other's inherent blindness. I have done the same and at a given moment different people see the girl rotate in different directions, occasionally someone sees her change directions while another person thinks she is still going about in the same direction she was earlier.

The trick they say is in which part of the brain you use. If the image is processed by the left part of your brain you would see her go Anti Clockwise and if the image is processed by the right part of your brain you would see her go Clockwise. If you see the image change directions then its just the image flitting from one part of the brain to another.

Source: News.com.au

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  1. Thats cool.
    To me she appeared to be moving clockwise, WITHOUT changing directions..
    I am glad my brain doesnt change sides..lolzz

  2. Try blinking or changing your angle of viewing. I saw it as anti-clockwise the first time and most of the times. The real fun is when multiple people claim to see a different direction at the same time. They then claim that you are blind, say that there is something wrong with your brain, shake you and ask if you are mad, etc.

  3. @charu same with me............does that mean i am half witted = half brained = entitled to do away with by blaming my 1/2 brains for my faliures :D AWSOME

  4. @Abhishek: Sorry buddy. No such luck. It does not mean you are half witted and you will have to search for other means to prove so. All it means is that you use your right side of the brain more than you use the left side of the brain. Check out the source link to find out what it means.

  5. Poor luck Abhishek.
    But i heard that those who use the left side of the brain are right handed and vice versa. I am using right side of my brain and am right handed??? Things are getting contradictory Vishal


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