Saturday, November 24, 2007

Meet Joe Black - Impressions

I had an opportunity to catch this flick on the tube recently. I ran into it 20 minutes into the movie, in the scene where Brad Pitt is getting his first taste of Peanut Butter. His expressions and mannerisms told me that it is going to be one hell of a watch.

The story in very simple words is about Death who comes to take away a big media mogul Anthony Hopkins whose time is up. However impressed by Hopkins's view on life, Death makes him an offer that he will let him live as long as he can keep Death interested in living life on this plane. Death takes over the body of Brad Pitt, a name of Joe Black and proceeds to live along with Hopkins and his family while experiencing what life is about.

Brad Pitt has really acted well, especially in the first half as he is learning about human senses , while his polite response to every mundane query is hilarious without coming across as sarcastic. Hopkins as usual is fantastic and is ably supported by Claire Forlani playing his daughter and Joe Black's love interest Susan. The frames might seem to drag at times as the camera lingers on every twitch of the muscle of every character. However, it is this laid back pace while slowly engulfs you in the turmoils that Pitt's character undergoes as he discovers the wonders of life and love.

The movie also helped me rediscover the haunting music of "What a wonderful world" by "Louis Armstrong". I first heard it in the movie "Good Morning Vietnam" when Robbie Williams plays it on the station radio. A beautiful beautiful song with a melody that can soften the hardest of souls. It makes my tear ducts go into overdrive. A song sung by a brave man during the times when black people were beaten up on the streets for no rhyme or reason. A must watch and listen for every human being.
(Check out his expressions)
(Good Morning Vietnam OST)

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