Tuesday, April 01, 2008

The Bourne Trilogy

I watched the Bourne trilogy (Identity, Supremacy and Ultimatum) back to back yesterday. Fast paced action, slick direction, a tight script and it was 5 hours of sheer adrenalin. I could notice myself do everything faster for the next five hours.

The movies deviate a lot from the books but do not take away from the spirit in any way. They provide what Ludlum always wanted to in his books. Edge of the seat entertainment.

He wrote only three of these but two more of the Bourne series (Legacy and Betrayal) have been published posthumously. Legacy seems to be in pre-production and might just make it to the silver screen!

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  1. Interestingly, Ludlum was a favorite of mine during college times. It is amazing that it took so long to make them into movies, given how fast even games like Hitman & Tombraider have made it to the screen.

    BTW, haven't seen you on my blog lately. I am sure you would like to put in some critical comments on my latest blog post, seeing how active you are in the PEO forum on Orkut!

  2. I liked Bourne Ultimatum (that's the only one I've seen). I had seen some scenes from one of the other two movies earlier and felt that the movie might be talkative.. anyways, will watch them if I get a chance :)



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