Friday, September 12, 2008


A battle is infinite. When you fight with someone and win a fight, soon you will be up against even more stronger. If you defeat the next person, again someone more stronger will come by. It does not end with life and death. If you die in battle, someone stronger will come and take up your place. The battle keeps going on forever.

We seek power, we seek battle. Those who seek power, without exception seek battle. Do we seek battle to become stronger?

Derived from Kariya and Zaraki

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  1. The best battle - To win oneself

  2. Depending on how one defines a battle( the correctness of this philosophy would vary from person to person.. But in the spirit of philosophy, by not taking the literal meaning of words, every battle is fought for a common purpose (where both sides think that the purpose is worth fighting for) and hence I feel that the battle maynot continue forever since not necessarily every other person shares the same passion for the original purpose.

    Gaining Power is a common purpose with everybody and hence becomes a cause for battle (which may continue forever, since the purpose is so common). Though initially we may seek battle to become stronger, but I am sure at some point of time during the battle, we do want it to get over (i.e. the passion for the purpose decreases)

  3. Just think of that battle as life personified. All the points you mention get nullified.
    1) Life is not fighting you for the same reason that you are fighting life
    2) Life continues forever and so the battle will continue for ever as well. If you die, there will always be someone battling through life.
    3) If your passion for the purpose (living) decreases, you are as good as dead or close to it but someone else with passion for life is still fighting. So we keep fighting to gain power, infinitely.

  4. Again friend, it would depend on one's perception of life. There are many who may not be able to personify life as a battle. Personally I feel that Life is empty and meaningless (and a battle may not)..
    Probably it is the hardships that one faces in the prime of one's life that makes him think of it as an ongoing battle. If you see a child, he is simply enjoying his life.. no battle there. When you are pursuing your hobby, you get engulfed into it.. no battle there. So my point is that although the author might have personified life as a battle, I think it is (unfortunately) his/her very own opinion.

  5. To become stronger, or just feel pleased that we are stronger?


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