Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Charliezz... - Book Review

It is very easy to get a book published these days. I would assume so considering this one did. Charliezz... is a book in the Nostalgia genre, famously mastered by Chetan Bhagat. Books without depth, caricatured stories loosely tied together with anecdotes which people read and then reminisice about similar isolated events that happened in their lives. They have their market yes and do offer a quick escape down memory lane for some readers but that's all that is there to credit this category with.

The Book starts off well enough, recounting office shenanigans of a Chemical Engineers bunch but then quickly slides off into recollections of silly pranks between college friends culminating with a hackneyed cliched attempt at romantic fiction. A good writer has the skill of making even the ordinary look interesting, creating visions in the readers head, transporting him to an other world. A bad one, no matter how outlandish the situation he writes about still turns out a limp result as is the case with this book.

What the book really suffers from is lack of focus. The love story at the end has potential and had it been fleshed out more with some decent storytelling, it could have been a book on its own, worth its place on a Wheeler stand. Alas, its not and I would not recommend even spending time, forget money, on this book. It requires an effort to get through and there is not a single page that makes you want to stop and think. Nothing that contributes to your evolution as a reader, or on second thoughts maybe it does make one appreciate the good books out there.

Even the publishers though having done a good job at the production, fail on the proofreading part. It really makes one wonder and scared to pick up a book at random if this is the stuff that floats around masquerading as reads.

Disclaimer: I was offered a free copy of this book for the purpose of a review. However, the opinions are completely mine and in no way influenced.

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