Monday, May 31, 2010

The Moto Cafe - Pune's first motorcycle themed cafe

There are those who dream and there are those who make their dreams come true. Located in the biker check point of Chandani Chowk, 'The Moto Cafe' is a personification of dreams and biker passion. A brainchild of Nikhil Sood who quit his plum IT job to start Pune's first Motorcycle themed cafe, The Moto Cafe is fast becoming the place for all bikers to be seen at.

Complete with bike miniatures placed all around the cafe along with caricatures of legendary racing champs adorning the walls, the cafe exudes a warm feeling that makes you sit, kick back your legs and soak in the atmosphere. Appreciate the wheel arm rest on your sofa or race theme wallpaper on the mezzanine, the cafe just reels one in, calling to the motor head in you.

As a bonus, the cafe is internet enabled, has multiple LCD screens to indulge the fan boys during race days/sports events, provides automobile paraphernalia, magazines and coffee table books for the literary buffs along with puzzles, UNO and other card games to keep the kids busy for hours.

On special request the owner might even allow you a go at the Play Station 3 console hooked up to one of the screens and you’ll see time fly by when busy pummelling Hercules in Gods of War or lining up those mean machines in Need for Speed Shift amongst other games.

It goes without saying that all these are only perfunctory add-ons to the real deal and that is the menu. It is a gourmet’s delight at its best. Gorge on the delectable Panini’s, Bagels and sandwiches or indulge your taste buds with Mint Brownies but where The Moto Cafe really excels is in the liquid department. Much recommended is the ‘Moto Mint’ a heady concoction of mint, cream and espresso, ‘Speed Triple’ a spiced up coffee variant, ‘Black Currant Shake’ and flavored Frappe’s apart from the usual suspects you would expect from a coffee shop.

If you are on the way to a group ride in the hills and need a pit stop or just looking for a cool place to hangout, drop in and indulge the motor head in you.

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  1. Edit the post for their prices. and..errm, no booze?

  2. prices are economical between 50 and 75 bucks. no booze :)

  3. ok i will visit the cafe soon, will put my views too, i thought of this a year back. thank god some one has done it finally, i expecting some bike touch there.

  4. thank you kirti and rahul for your kind comments.


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