Tuesday, June 08, 2010

A KISS synopsis of the new Apple iPhone 4

To cut the long story short and "Keeping it simple stupid", am gonna layout what the new iPhone 4 as revealed at WWDC yesterday has in store for you:

1) The most exciting feature is the new 5mp camera with led flash. A departure from Apple's usual stingy ways in the lens department.

2) FaceTime Video calling - Video calls using the new front facing camera with no setup required working over wi-fi and both devices being iPhone 4. You can switch between the front and back camera's along with Portrait and Landscape mode in between calls.

3) 720p HD video recording at 30fps. This is how Apple will take over YouTube. Funnily enough, AT&T cancelled all it's unlimited data plans a few days before this launch. I guess they couldn't suffer the thought of users uploading 720p videos over the ever stricken network.

4) Bigger battery meaning better battery life. Around 2 hours more than what the 3gs gave.

5) Retina Display: That's a display of 326 pixels per inch with 800 to 1 contrast ratio! Closest to a book reading experience now that iBooks too will be available for iPhone.

6) An added Gyroscope for six-axis motion sensing. Game developers are drooling already.

7) For trivia fans, the stainless steel band around the phone holds the structure together but is also part of the antennae system.

8) New platform software iPhone OS 4 now rechristened iOS 4 which will roll at as a free upgrade for all 'i' devices starting June 21st 2010.

9) Multitasking.

10) Unified inbox similar to Blackberry with e-mail threading.

11) On the App front, they now have iMovie for iPhone which will debut on the App Store for 4.99$.

So that's it folks, a roundup of the most compelling features that take the iPhone beyond it's competitors who are still busy playing catch up to the previous generation models.

Though not all the added features are revolutionary, it is about how the iPhone is now a complete package building on its existing strengths. As with Copy Paste and now Multitasking, Apple might come late for the party but sure does know how to rock it.

Pricing would be similar to what it has been in the past, i.e. 199$ for the 16 GB and 299$ for the 32 GB. The 8 GB iPhone 3GS can still be had for 99$. If ever I've been tempted to go the Apple way it is now.

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  1. i think even am going to buy it when it comes out.


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