Thursday, June 17, 2010

Cinnabon - Cinna Magic

             Cinnamon. Encounter a spicy stick in your Biryani or sprinkle some powder on a hot Cappuccino. Its unique flavor can elevate the most mundane to an exciting taste fest and if you like them sweet the only name that come to mind is Cinnabon, the world famous Cinnamon roll chain.

Following a successful debut in Delhi they are now sharing the magic in Mumbai. Located at Pali Naka near Cafe Basilico in Bandra, it is a quaint little blink and miss setup. Though to make amends a bigger one is coming up in Juhu as well.

For those not in the know, Cinnabon makes the most indulgant Cinnamon rolls. Here, you can indulge your taste buds with the Classic Cinnabon and revel in its cinnamon and sugar mixture rolled up in warm dough topped with cream frosting, baked fresh every half an hour for your eating pleasure. Want to make it more interesting? Try the Caramel Pecanbon, a Cinnabon topped with pecans (a walnut variant) and smothered with rich caramel. If your sweet tooth is still not satisfied have the Cinnabon Stix, dough brushed with vanilla and margarine, dipped in cinnamon and sugar, twisted and then baked.

If you balked at that thought of all the calories you’ll ingest go for the Minbon, Mini Pecanbon or CinnaBites which are bite sized pieces of the signature cinnamon rolls. Wash it all down with a Cappuccino or their signature MochaLatta Chill, perfect accompaniments to the delectably warm pastries.

My only grouse with this particular store is the exclusively outside and uncomfortable seating. While the kitchen and counter area are indoors and air conditioned once you are out with the order your only option is to find a chair in the limited space and share it with flies attracted by the feast you just bought. Don’t let that dampen your spirits though. It is safe to say that one bite of a roll and you’ll be instantly transported to food heaven conveniently forgetting your immediate surroundings. Better still get a takeaway CinnaPack and have it in the comfort of a private venue. The staff is very friendly and courteous which is more than what I can say for some other international hospitality chains.

Come to think of it, what might be the secret to Cinnabon's international success? Cinnabon claims to use the Makara Cinnamon grown in Indonesia on the island of Sumatra. It is smoother than its Vietnamese and Sri Lankan cousin. Well it's a no brainer, all I know is that the cinnamony after taste post devouring a Cinnabon is amazing, just amazing.

Main Items Price List in Rs.
Cinnabon Classic – 100
Minibon Classic – 65
Caramel Pecanbon – 135
Mini Pecanbon – 85
CinnaBites – 4pc – 65
Cinnabon Stix – 4pc – 65
Cappuccino – 70
MochaLatta Chill – 85

Visit them at for updated product news and discount coupons.

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  1. I used to love the Cinnabons in the US. Particularly their cold shakes...Just need run 10 miles to make up for the calories you have.

  2. haha. i DROVE 10 miles for these. i guess that doesn't count :)

  3. Not too much of a sweets person, but your description still sounds very enticing... have to visit!

  4. Hi! this is my first time here, and I must say I quite liked my first read :-). I've been eating stuff from Cinnabon since I was a kid and missed indulging myself for the last few years (don't think my waistline minds though). Hope the chain makes it to my corner of the country.

  5. @nmaha glad you liked it. i try and be better at it and hope for you to keep re-visiting to check out the new posts. which corner of the country are you in? I am in Pune myself and only got a chance to go to Cinnabon as I was visiting Mumbai


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