Thursday, August 30, 2007

Craving Daal Chawal

It's 3AM and I am craving "Daal Chawal". Not just Daal chawal but the whole sensory experience along with the accompaniments.

Daal Chawal with a dollop of hot "Desi Ghee" that begins to melt after landing on the plate spreading its yellow amber liquid and drenching the rice.

"Keri achaar", the one that makes you smack your tongue and lick your fingers. At least a little bit of the pickle must be had with every mouthful.

Roasted "Bikaneri Papad" on the side. Take a bite after the Daal chawal is in your mouth or alternatively the Daal chawal can also be scooped up with the papad.

Have it along with "Chokha". Mashed potatoes with "sarson ka tel", "Kati hui Pyaaz", "Jeera Dhaniya" and "Namak". Mix some with the Daal chawal before having it.

Alternatively one could also have, Sliced Pyaaz with squeezed "Nimbu" and sprinkled "Kaali mirch". Like papad, half a ring after every mouthful of the daal, chawal, achaar combo. Alternate with papad.

Wash it all down with "Masala chaas". The kind garnished with "Kala Namak", "Adrak", "Bhuja Jeera" and "Pudina leaves".

To heighten the entire experience, the meal must be had with hands, without any fork or spoon.

For the International audience:
Daal = Lentil
Chawal = Rice
Desi Ghee = Clarified Butter
Keri Achaar = Raw mango spicy pickle
Bikaneri Papad = Papadum or spicy indian wafer from the region of Bikaner
Chokha = Mashed Potatoes
Sarson ka tel = Mustard Oil
Jeera Dhaniya = Cummin Coriander powder
Namak = Salt
Kati hui Pyaaz = Chopped Onion
Nimbu = Fresh Lime
Kaali Mirch = Pepper
Masala Chaas = Spiced Buttermilk
Kala Namak = Black Salt or Rock Salt
Adrak = Ginger
Bhuja Jeera = Roasted Cummin seeds
Pudina Leaves = Mint Leaves


  1. Rice -ghee - aloo - hmmm. And then dal...Vishal though you are a man after my own heart (ok stomach) - you will never ever be able to give up the gym.

  2. Dont even mention the fork.
    A very intersting read!

  3. Craving Daal Chawal! My mouth started watering and i was hungry after reading the description and looking at those pics

  4. yuuuuuuuuuuuummm is all dat i can come up wid...
    The DAL chawal... swaad - nothing compares to it!!

    Do u cook now?? Jus a Q :P

  5. Thanks for all the comments guys.

    P.S. Tania: Occasionally and only limited items


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