Friday, August 17, 2007

Transformers - The Movie

Sometimes it hits you when you are expecting it the least. What started out as just toys is now a multi million dollar franchisee spreading its tentacles around the globe, one of which finds its way to India. About time, I say.

Transformers is about cars and robots and fighter jets and guns, big guns and tanks and metal...ok you get the drift. A planet in a distant galaxy is overrun by the evil Decepticons being held back by the goodie Autobots. In the words of a character they are NBE's, (Non Biological Entities). Chunks of metal with sentient thought, which (or who?) can shapeshift into almost any piece of machinery with moving parts, to hide their presence on earth. The Decepticons are in search of "AllSpark", a cube which will enable them to bring alive all the technology on earth and help in their cause of world domination. The only thing standing between their goal are the Autobots, a lanky teenager who wants to mate (snicker), a hot va va voom with a dubious past record and a pair of spectacles. I hope this doesn't make sense and I hope that you watch the movie so that it does because I am still reeling in the aftermath of the brilliant spectacle that Michael Bay has brought alive on the screen. It's good guys versus the bad guys through and through. Metal against metal. Nothing prepares you for the scene of a vehicle changing itself into a robot and no matter how many times you see it, you just can't have enough. The CGI is cartoony in a few scenes but I am not going to fuss over that you wuss. This is Car Wars.

This for me is the movie of 2007. I haven't been so immersed in the story since star wars or Lord of the Rings. Nor have I been so on the edge of my seat since Lagaan. Amazing action scenes coupled with snip snip editing, Transformers is what every testosterone driven male must watch. Not that I am a sexist but boys like blue and girls like pink. There is A certain truth in that.

Optimus Prime


  1. ow I shall go and see the movie - well written

  2. One thing, I confess, I really like about Vishal's writing is the way he convinces his audience to his point, very subtly.

    Nice review.
    Keep writing

  3. Well written dude. But the movie did not live up to my expectations. I guess I went with hopes of some mature content but once I let me self slip into my child self, I liked the movie. And I really felt sad when Bumblebee lost his legs in the fight towards the end. 

    “Before time began, there was... the cube”

  4. Nice read
    Good job,
    but about the movie,
    it started off good but somewhere around the end the rush died down a bit and it got too "bollywoody" emo
    maybe its just me or i was expecting too much out of this one,
    cmon i mean it's micheal bay for crying out loud.

    enjoyed it none the less.
    Vishal keep up the good writing, we seem to have simliar taste in movies drinks etc etc ;)
    rock on


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