Tuesday, September 18, 2007

BMW M3 Challenge - Free official game for download

BMW is making available a FREE PC game for download from their website. The game has been developed to highlight the features of its all new M3 Coupe. You will have to first register with the website before the game is made available for download.

From the home page of their website:

BMW M3 Challenge takes the thrill of driving to new heights. BMW M3 Challenge, which is the official game to BMW´s all-new M3 Coupé, features the original high detailed BMW M3 in all its available exterior colours and the original Nurburgring GP-track in a hyper realistic racing world. BMW M3 Challenge will allow you to experience the new BMW M3 Coupé right there where it was born and developed - on the race track.


  • Stunning simulation of the all new BMW M3 Coupé
    • Choose from 4 different driving perspectives: Cockpit, Bonnet, Bumper and Chase-Cam
  • Configure your own M3 Coupé by selecting the colour and the rims.
  • 4 game modes, including:
    • Test Drive
    • Time Trial including ghost car
    • Race Weekend with up to 15 AI-drivers and three difficulty levels
    • Multiplayer Race with up to 15 human opponents via internet and LAN
  • Original Nurburgring Grand-Prix track and "Sprint" short-bound.
  • Replay-function
For screenshots and game download visit:

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  1. Being an amateur, it becomes a little unfair on my part to comment on the features. But ya, it surely urge me to participate.

    Bahgoo Bahgooo

  2. This is cool dude. Downloading right now.

  3. Hmm. This ought to be fun. Will try to download. :-)


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