Friday, September 07, 2007

Work Desktop

Well, I wanted to share what my work desktop looks like. I like everything to be in its place which might explain the minimalism. Everything I need is in Stardock's Objectdock. I am also using Yahoo Widgets for the calendar, clock and the swimming shark distraction. The taskbar along with the desktop icons are hidden. I am unable to get rid of the recycle bin due to workplace restrictions otherwise that would have met its end as well. Do share your comments and if possible your desktops as well.


  1. Oh, I can see VKB there. Do you work for Microsoft? :)
    I love Object Docks. I use it on my MAC look alike XP. :)

  2. Sorry for some odd reason the link wont fit there properly;

  3. Thanks Girish, you seem to have resorted to Yahoo Widgets as well. Yes, I do work for Microsoft, are you jealous?

  4. Thats interesting. How did u manage the calender and the digital clock??


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