Sunday, September 09, 2007

Happy Feet and Shake that ass with me

A video and song that really get me going...


  1. Pretty cool movie overall, wasn't it?

  2. What gets you going??
    The song, the video or the lyrics alone?? :-D

  3. Hi Vishal,
    Thanks for stopping by my blog (
    I apologize for not getting this across to you sooner (your comment was posted on my blog on August 17);-)
    To answer your questions first,
    Yes, I’ve read “The Kite Runner”
    Pretty delightful read.
    In fact, Khaled Hosseini is out with his second one too – “A Thousand Splendid Suns”
    Have been meaning to read that one too. I’m sure he won’t let us down with this one either.
    Also, you asked about Omnitouch being in the India Mystery shopping domain. The answer is a resounding “Yes.”
    Their India MD is Mahesh Punia, and they are based out of Gurgaon.
    PS – I had a peek at your blog too. Looks interesting. Will go through it at leisure :)


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