Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Smelly Cat

Here are some perfumes that I have used over the years :

360º by Perry Ellis

360 degrees was one of my first perfumes and I really loved it.The smell of fresh fruit and citrus makes it a great summer perfume. Also, its one of the long lasting ones. I like perfumes with the least notes and this one has 6 in total. Citrus and Juniper Berry as the top note; Sage, cardamom and lavender in the middle followed by sensual woods as the base note.

Emporio Armani (He) by Giorgio Armani

A very surprising perfume as the base notes take their own time to come out but once they do you can make out the absolute difference. The scent has a moderate strength and is very woody. Its great for an evening out. Top notes are Yuzu, Sage and Cardamom; Vetiver in the middle and finally the full deal in the base with Cedarwood, Guaiacwood, Sandalwood and Musk.

L'eau Bleue D'Issey Pour Homme by Issey Miyake

Issey Miyake is the king of the strength game. His perfumes last the whole day and makes women go weak in the knees. Okay I made that one up, but L'eau Bleue D'Issey is a very magnetic scent. If L’Eau d’Issey was unusual by most standards then this one branches out furthur on its own. You have rosemary, lemongrass, ginger, anise and lemon fighting for your attention in the beginning until they give way to a bit of floral and rose bouquet in the middle. In the end its just a clean fresh soapy albeit heavy scent that follows you around all the time to the point of being oppressive at times. However, it remains my favourite by a big margin.

Bvlgari Pour Homme Soir by Bvlgari

What? Where did it go? That was my reaction half an hour into the application. Skin types notwithstanding this is the fastest disappearing perfume I have had. Infact had I not bought it from Changi Duty Free, I would have almost believed myself to be cheated with a fake imitation. Said to be the richest and most sophisticated amongst the Bvlgari pour homme collection, this one is a complete bummer.

Boss Soul by Hugo Boss

One word. Spice. A recent purchase after the disappointment of Bvlgari, I couldn't be more satisfied. It is quite complex unlike my tastes but I find myself liking it a lot. Opening with Mandarin, Bergamot, Black pepper, Anise and Cardamom which collectively give the spice rush, they give way to Nutmet blossom, Lavender, Coriander Seeds and Cinnamon in the middle. Maybe that explains my affinity for it, cause I can't resist cinnamon in any form. The perfume lasts long and it finally settles down to strains of Vetiver, Vanilla, Tonka, Amber, Musks and Tamboti Wood. In addition to everything else, it lasts long, really long, and I like that in a perfume.

Probable Future Acquisitions:

Echo by Davidoff

Body Kouros by YSL


  1. Aah now some similarity between us other than music. Issey Miyake is my fav to. Got two variants of it. One with Dad (I use it when I am home ;) the other with me. :)
    David Off is good. A frend had gifted it to me but nothing lasts as long as Issey Miyake does.
    Tried and tested!

  2. Issey Baby is the fav with me too.
    Hugo Boss (female version) is sensational.

    Try using Nivea Deo, nothing much to boast about, but the stay and the smell is awesome..


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