Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Shoaib Malik thinks Pakistan represents all Muslims!!

...Or thats what he proclaimed during the presentation ceremony of the ICC Twenty20 World Cup 2007 finals. In his own words:

"First of all I want to say something over here. I want to thank you back home Pakistan and where the Muslim lives all over the world."

So. obviously he wants to thank the Pathan brothers and every other Indian Muslim cricketer in the team for making them lose?! *snicker*

So do we have teams based on nationality or religion?

On a lighter note:

Knock Knock

Who's that?


Misbah who?

Mis bah 5 runs!!


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  1. Personally , i dont appreciate such comments...
    I believe religion is strictly personal, u are free to observe its rituals and code of conduct..
    But such comments on an international platform will only show narrow mindness.

  2. "Misbah thought he was hitting the ball to where there was no one, but he did not know that there is a Malayalee in every corner of the World"

  3. i enjoyed shyama's comment a lot :) ha ha ha.

    Actually pakistan represents all muslim fanatics.

  4. Things can be viewed from different frames of reference. The way we look at it, it surely doesn't help us understand the mindset of the speaker. I personally feel sorry and sympathetic for the guy. Sorry because he got the whole scenario wrong.. that muslims all over the world are supporting Pakistan or any of its ventures. Sympathetic because being a fellow human being, I feel I must help him but the dimension of the problem is bigger than my scope.

    I got one more frame of reference while discussing the same with my friends. One of them made a point that I feel is quite valid.. According to him, had the Pakistan captain not thanked his people and brought the religion into picture (which is a new dimension altogether) the cricket fanatics who could probably reach the airport or their homes with burning effigies and shouting abusing slogans (and note the commanality between these and the religious fanatics) would atleast find a common ground with the Captain and his team and probably spare them some abuses.
    I don't feel the incident is grave enough to deserve more time and space on this wonderful blog.

  5. @vishal - Dude, I think if he would have spoken in hindi or urdu his thoughts would have been clear to us. His lack of command over English language should not be held against him. We should not judge.

    Hindu or Muslim, Indian or Pakistani, the bat or the ball does not diffetiate, neither does the ground we stand on.

    We won the game and that is important but they could have also won is a possiblity that should not be forgotten!

    Looking forward for more circket like this! (and not for a blog like this, at least not from you.)

    PS: I know why you are writing shorther blogs! ;)

    @Shyama: Awesome comment! lol

  6. @anonymous: You yourself admitted that you feel sorry for the person because of what he thinks. What he thinks is very relevant because its sheds light not only on his own mentality but the whole team's mentality. Islamisation of the Pakistan cricket team is no secret since the time of Saeed Anwar's rebirth and along with Inzamam-Hul-Haq their bias and persecution against the moderate team members. However, even if you consider this as hearsay, if India were up against a captain (if not the whole team), who believed they were playing for Islam and not Pakistan, then it's something that ticks me off. If it tick's me off then it's gonna be on this blog, and if what ticks me off encourages people to discuss it then all the more better. :-)

    @Girish: You would only be fooling yourself if you think that Malik intended to convey something else than he actually did. His English skills notwithstanding he said exactly what he wanted to say. I am not holding his lack of English command against him, in fact I am not holding anything against him. All I am doing is reporting what he said and what it implies!

    They could have won, is a possibility that is irrelevant and is to be forgotten. Don't forget it could have rained, don't forget aliens could have attacked, don't forget there could have been an earthquake. What could have and would have has no meaning! We won and that's the only thing that matters.

    I am afraid more posts like these are a very real possibility because it's all about what makes ME tick! Peace!

  7. Whatever makes you tick will be in this blog! - how true!
    One question though, is this ticking thing natural or can be suggestive also?
    How about Dhoni's winning speech, justification of choice of last bowler, BCCI's 2million$ reward, 1Crore to Yuvraj... if these tick you too, maybe we can see some more of these.. its interesting to know your views :)

  8. Unfortunately none of the mentioned topics do anything to fire a solitary multi polar neuron in my ever stimulated brain. They are all hum drum events that I am not going to gain nothing from by thinking about.

  9. @vishal: Dude stop speaking to people who have no name.

    And dude, I did not mean to hurt your sentiments. Sure you can blog what you want otherwise it would not be a blog. Peace makes me tick too however why spark a controversy?

    Anyways we will wear our gloves and discuss this on chat ;). (Dont worry we will be equal with our hand/s. lol!)

  10. I completely agree with Girish.
    He certainly selected his words with less care and the lack spoken english skills bought him amidst the corny situation.

    But then again, sameer is no less correct in mingling the fanatism and the the Pakistanis.

  11. The joke is good anyways. :)
    A lil more fun here and there after the victory!

  12. @charu: Pray tell me how his lack of command over English shows that he chose his words with any less care. If you saw the presentation, Shoaib cut Ravi Shastri and said that before everything else he wants to say something. A conclusive proof that his words were pre-meditated. Even if you were to deny that, forget language, forget grammar, forget sentence construction, the very fact that he used the word "Muslim", one single word without the barrier of language, one word using which he dragged religion into cricket signifies his mentality to prefer religion over nationhood.

  13. @Vishal,

    Certainly I mentioned he chose his words with less care. Moreover, the predominance of the "Muslim" impact is eveident in the Pakistanis and when you club India in the Muslim race, it becomes political.

  14. @charu: I think you misunderstood what I said. I know you said and what I am saying is that he did not choose his words with less care and instead thought them out before uttering them irrespective of his command over English.

    I agree with your thought of the Muslim factor being predominant in the Pakistanis and I don't know what bearing your last statement of "when you club India in the Muslim race, it becomes political" has on this argument or topic. Do elaborate.

  15. When we are talking of India, Pakistan and the Muslim (in India and in Pakistan) it would not be exactly a deviation from the topic in commenting about the Pakistanis in India.
    I just threw light on the fact that perhaps Shoaib Malik intended to give the statement a political flavor (I well expect this from Pakistanis)

    But I strongly regard that Shoaib could not have been so stupid to comment on a sensitive issue as such standing on a sports forum, had he been that careful with his words.

  16. he was basuically continuing d joke....

    knock knock
    who's that?
    Shoib Malik
    Shoib who?
    one who is sabka maalik :p

    my say for the episode - "a fool trying to fool others with some foolish words"


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